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Poetry Magnum Opus

Lament for the Dead

David W. Parsley

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David W. Parsley

NOTE: Thanks for the interest, I hope most of you got to see the poem while the project was active. As of mid-October, the site has closed. None of the poems can be accessed now. I am shopping a revised version of the poem around to some major periodicals. I'll let you know if it gets accepted.


-------------------- ORIGINAL POSTING ------------------------

"Lament for the Dead" is an online community poetry project hosted in the United States (USA) which will mark with a poem the death of every person killed by police this summer, and every police officer who loses life in the line of duty.

Each participating poet is assigned a day on which he or she must supply a poem. The day is coordinated two or three weeks in advance. Early the morning of the assigned day, an email is delivered revealing the identity of the person for which a poem is to be composed and delivered by midnight that same day. A link is included that leads to an article describing events surrounding the subject person's death.

It was an honor to be asked to participate. My day was Sunday, July 26, 2015; the assigned person, Brian Stortzum, who died at the age of 32, on July 24, 2015. The resulting poem may be found here:


The poem is a villanelle titled, "What the Bullets Found." I will post it here sometime in the near future.

- Dave

NOTE: As of mid-October, the site has closed. None of the poems can be accessed now. - Dave

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