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Poetry Magnum Opus

it's dark in the woods today


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it's dark in the woods today

and stillness after a storm

touches the heart of all life

the rings where night fairies dance

are covered by leaf and branch

and all small creatures lay low

with not a bird to be heard

I ramble in solitude

think of the last man alive

and pause at a dry stone stile

to sigh as fingers of light

touch fawns and the distant doe

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Love it...I've been there often. One suggestion only because when I first read it, my mind automatically substituted the word "doe" for "deer" at the end. The substitution seems to give it the final connection. I saw them just this morning outside my bedroom window. Mama is always watching in the distance.


~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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Another well-written rumination: 'weep' might be a touch too much and might be replaced by 'sigh'. (Just a suggestion.) I like the appearance of rhymes and near rhymes, 'fairies have danced/ leaf and branch'; 'with not a bird to be heard'.


Cheers, Bren

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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Thanks for leaving comment Barry: also to Tink and Bren for the constructive feedback and suggestions which I have put in place. The use of "doe" also adds an extended 'connection' to the word "low"; and "sigh" seems more apt than "weep" in the overall sense of the piece. Much appreciated. G.

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Takes the reader into the moment Geoff. Maybe have danced lacks some bounce, perhaps an adjective for the fairies could work the 7 syllables. I like doe.



the rings where nine fairies danced

now covered by leaf and branch



muchly enjoyed



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David W. Parsley

Hi Geoff, I like this piece very much, appreciate the serene motion of thought and form, deft changes made with the help of PMO friends. A nice experience early on a Sunday.


With respect to the 'fairies' lines discussed by Phil, I like the sense of the creatures' lingering aura, but agree that the phrase is a little off. Not sure that Phil's revisions fully address the issue, though. Could the poetic motion here be improved by reversing the order of the lines? Perhaps something more like:


` leaf and branch cover creases

` faint rings touched by fairy dance


Just a (half-baked) thought.


This is the kind of poem that brings me here for the experience itself. But I also come for the glow of mutually benefitting dialogue, the spark of platonic symposium.


Thank You,

- Dave

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Thanks guys your input is much appreciated: This short piece was written while the moment was still fresh and your comments highlight in a useful way, how it could be extended with suggestions of movement and mystique. I shall certainly consider them for a revision. I count myself fortunate to live close to a countryside, which prompts an ever changing yet constant therapy for an active (if somewhat aging) mind. :biggrin: Cheers.. Geoff.

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More rich imagery! Yes, please. :)

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