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The Artistic Muse, an on-line publication, accepted my "Not-yet-thirty". It is the second one down on the page.




Looks like they archive previous copies, keeping the same page name (URL) for the latest. Don't know how long it will be up.



by Arthur (Marti) Martinson

Despite an open window, a fire escape,
and a peopled Gotham on a summer night,
the city would pause, as if in silence,
as if it held its collective breath,
while we screamed in the exploration
of our not-yet-thirty bodies.

Some jazz staccato, impious and unholy,
would ultimately breach the shadowed quiet,
but not until we climaxed; but not until we
had spent the fluid currency of
our love's most ill-fated commerce and
of our not-yet-thirty bodies.

Never enough alcohol for you
and never enough of you for me,
more than the Potomac separated us,
more than the full or empty journals
we guessed would be ours: patience was no part
of our not-yet-thirty bodies.
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