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Poetry Magnum Opus

Captured In My Pen


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How many writers have awakened from a dream, and declared: “My greatest work just flashed through my mind?” This writer had that experience once, and while dreaming he devised a way to capture his story. This poem is written with four words per line.

Captured In My Pen©

Eleventh hour softly proclaimed;

Endeavoring vainly to write,

Contriving, creating a draft,

‘Ere I sleep tonight.

Pen slows, then ceases;

My tired eyelids close.

Head begins to nod...

Reluctantly, I must doze.

Marvelous words are coursing,

Through my apprehensive mind;

Conjuring pictures and fantasies

Of every imaginable kind.

Loves platonic drama unfolds,

Words on antiquated white,

Intensely powerful, intellectually profound,

Overwhelming in its might.

Exploring the cover thoroughly,

Questing for a name,

Front. . . back. . . inside out;

Results forever the same.

Undeniably it’s my creation.

Safeguarded in my head.

Beseeching my subconscious mind

Demanding to be read.

Ultimately. . . a magic pen;

A dreamers impractical decision,

Would liberate the anecdote,

From this fantast’s vision.

Mystical forces contained within

Pointed nib of gold,

Absorbed completely, liquescent words,

Adventurous, fascinating, and bold.

Awakened. . . clock striking two;

Strangely I feel refreshed,

Knowing my pen captivated

Revelations only I possessed.

Commit- words to paper

Command- them to flow.

Only spirals and dots,

And pointless doodles show.

What’s with this instrument?

Something has gone amiss;

Paragraphs I dreamed about,

Didn’t look like this.

One sheet I've exhausted;

Ten more followed suite.

Somehow my magic pen,

Has deliberately gone mute.

Dejected now, I capitulate.

Efforts are set aside.

My magic pen unrelenting,

Keeps them locked inside.

Plagiarism is no problem’

Time only determines when,

You’ll enjoy this story

Captured in my pen.


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How many writers have awakened from a dream, and declared: “My greatest work just flashed through my mind?” This writer had that experience once, and while dreaming he devised a way to capture his story.


i write poems in my sleep all the time, but unfortunately i forget them when i wake.




i enjoyed the poem. it reminds me, the beginning, on how when i was young i'd be scared to go to sleep because i'd miss a poem & it'd escape me. i use to stay awake days without sleep, only sleeping 6 or so hours before i woke & started the process again. yes, i'm obsessed with poetry!

now a days i sleep. i've matured & understand in order to live & write until i'm 100 i must sleep - or i'll wake up on the floor & not know how i got there, with a cover on me that my mother so graciously placed there. (7 days with no sleep, went to eat, woke up in the living room floor, undisturbed!)


this is a nice read & it brought so many memories, good or bad, however someone sees them to me.


thank you! good job!

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Thank you all for your input.

Mister Poet... everyone plays a different tune on their record player of life. I'm 82 now, and as long as I can remember, I get by with 4 hours of sleep. There were time I would pull an "all nighter" so-to-speak. After a few days of this I would crash during the week end and rejuvenate myself. One thing for certain, one an never catch up on the sleep they lose, they just refresh.

I began writing seriously in December of 1989. Throughout this period of time I have learned to awaken myself and jot down thoughts that passed through my mind, into a note book for that purpose. No, I didn't do a complete composition, but there is usually enough material to allow me to recall most of the thought.

Punctuations I try to use properly. If a reader reads and obeys punctuations, it prevents them from rushing through a written work. The meaning usually becomes more clear, when they have finished.

Last of all... I mentioned I critique my work again and again over the years. Surprising how much "fat" one can cut away from the original work. Keep in mind though... sooner or later you have to say "That's It". You can critique enough to a point you almost rewrite the work to look like your first draft.

Keep on writing and enjoy. YarnSpinner
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sometimes it's hard to quit editing. or sometimes it's the opposite - you don't want to touch it!


i sleep now though. i sleep & sleep & sleep! lol.


i try to jot down my memories, but mostly as soon as i wake, they vanish!


i only punctuate when i think it need be. it's not lazy, it's just how i roll! lol!


thank you for your long reply! i enjoyed your insights!


& you're welcome!

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