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Poetry Magnum Opus

A Strange World


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A raindrop, a diamond,
Fleeting, sparkling light.
Two kisses, a teardrop,
And folded arms to protect
A broken heart.

A cold night filled with turbulence;
Technology communicating the pain;
The echoes of things from the past –
Then the gentle sounds of the rain.

And he stands upon desolate ground,
No longer a child,
No longer a youth.
He stands upon desolate ground,
Earnestly seeking the truth.

And the world has become a computer chip
Devoid of organic feelings.
The world has become a cold laboratory,
Filled with its inhabitants’ weeping.

Too soon we have seen, and too much –
We’re all losing that true, human touch.
Screens for faces, keyboards for emotions,
Souls seduced by digital light.

It is time for us
To go back into the garden,
And escape this insidious night.

To receive love, you have to give it...

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And the world has become a computer chip
Devoid of organic feelings.


that's good.


& isn't it true. i miss youth. i'm creeping up on 30. how the years fly by when you're older & are so slow when younger.


i like your connections with the technology. last time i used it it was still crawling, but now it's leaps & bounds.

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