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Poetry Magnum Opus

Love and Indolence


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Such subtle melancholy
Sweeping silently across your eyes.
A solitary quietude and reticence
That comes to rest, almost imperceptibly,
Like a veil across your face.

That languid gaze through
Shadowed, heavy-lidded eyes;
Soft taupe velvet curtains.
And the languor that falls
With seductive extravagance,
Casually barricading your soul.

Moist lips, softly sealed,
Plump and glowing with ruby ripeness,
Evoking dissonant passions
That arc through my heart.

Yours is an indolent love,
Turning coolly
On a slender marble neck.
As nonchalant as an ocean breeze,
Blowing from you to me -
Elusive, and
Wholly unattainable.

To receive love, you have to give it...

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