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Poetry Magnum Opus

Or (Read a Banned Book!): 9/27 - 10/3/2015


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Or (Read a Banned Book!): 9/27 - 10/3/2015


My quiet gets loud

Do you have strength in

madness or do you take

The Truth as it is bound

She who has been

trapped by generations

of greed between leather

paper papyrus stone metal

sometimes human skin As

a matter of faith passed

down by disease riddled

ancestors who hid from

the Mortal and invested

in the Shadow thoughts

and prayers most grand

at least to them leading

to the myth of


Forbidden Books


Who could open the Chasm

show us the Abyss in ordinaries

a teacup rattles with the passage

of souls A Heretic’s excommunication

from the salty sublimity of an oyster

or Did You? look askance at the

neighbor sunbathing or by denying

the human efficiency of capital’s cold

logics after all we were gestated in

The Chaos


Temperatures defying dualist

interpretations of hot or cold

nothing friendly to domestic

definitions of Life or Love

even the miracle Light

had nothing to roost

on it was seconds

away but when

Time Was New

How far it seemed


To Old men denying the young

to the banning of Points of View

To the petty harvest we call a feast

and maybe that is alright after all

so much is a simple veneer to make

the leavings of Suns be pretty to dignify

the scat to hide the horrible beauty

at the center of our hearts and the

revelations which destroys Worlds


And That Book

That Poem

explodes them again and again

and nowhere in the moving nothing

the vortex of one small galaxy passing

through a billion billion improbable things

is a ripple even felt all that power turns

to dust Or


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my quiet gets loud


disease riddled ancestors


petty harvest we call a feast


Wow. The frustration is palpable in your words. Honestly, the last stanza has me puzzled as to the ending "Or" but I still like this. It resonated with me.

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Fascinating piece that covers so much for me: tallies with 'lost' gospels, scientific archaeology, astral awareness and thought control. A prompt that this enduring planet is in no danger from us-- but rather that our overbearing egocentric species is; for all the knowledge of our past won't change human nature. G.

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