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Poetry Magnum Opus

Not Recyclable, No deposit, No return


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Many readers will consider this writer a Prophet of Doom; a Humorless Cynic, or Pessimist. They could be right, but it should be noted however, alarmists have been warning the World of misuse of our natural resources. We are headed into an abyss, from which we could never recover.

Not Recyclable, No deposit, No return

From outer space, came one and all,

To study a planet near a sun named Sol.

To learn of mishap and despair,

How a planet died, from lack of care.

Its atmosphere is dismal and black;

Nothing now could change it back.

Thousand of years still drifting down,

Pollution settles to lifeless ground.

Within the tainted soil below,

Water lays silent, no place to go.

Useless filters, multitudes were cursed,

Slowly, they perished from thirst,

It must have been a dreadful fear

Though forewarned, they seemed not to hear.

Many things they could have done,

Yet chose instead, to do little or none

Earth was once a beautiful place,

Populated by the Human Race

They ravaged it; gave nothing in return,

Their planet changed, scorched, then burned

Visitors grieve this place called Earth.

It lacks essence of happiness or mirth.

Forever, it will remain for all to see,

Waste and greed had a harsh penalty.


Copyright 2013

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