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Poetry Magnum Opus

Obsession, Self, and Despair


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The method we use to obtain our status in life, is how many of us will be remembered. One needs not be rich nor poor, famous nor obscure, to be judged. Judgment is one of the many discretion’s, life’s fault finders give freely.

Obsession, Self, and Despair

Nearing a closing portal of time,

The mortal reviewed achievements of his life.

Years that past seemed like eons gone by.

He was elated and even smug.

It took willfulness to become the person he was.

There were many infringements in his life;

Stumbling blocks, pitfalls and obstacles.

All could have hindered him from attaining his goal.

Ignoring loyalty, pledges to others, and love for fellow man,

He fulfilled his passion, much to his satisfaction—

And...much to the dissatisfaction of many he swept aside...

He reached the peak of affluence.

For the avarice, who envied his success,

His prominence would no longer be an obstacle,

Others would surmount the pinnacle he obtained;

He had shown them how it was done.

As always. . . for those unmoved, and unsympathetic,

There would be a price to pay for their achievement.

This impediment, they could not overcome.

The cost... they would discover... was too high.

He cried out in anguish...

"Dear God Why am I so lonely?”


copyright 2013

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To answer your question... first; I feel it an accomplishment to have you state you read it twice. I guess the only reason for centering it is... it makes a reader; maybe... just maybe, think this is worth reading because it is different. I like change. I feel subconsciously it has an attraction, but I don't do this to all poetry.


As for myself... I wrote this a couple years ago, yet I re-read most all of my poetry or short stories, again and again; self critiquing. I try to shorten the work and attempt to make it read better.

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editing is a monster. i just realize that. i think it's something you're more apt to do when you get older. when i was young i'd write a poem & go to the next. now i spend hours, days, months on one poem fidgeting & letting it drive me insane.


& to say i did not read it twice because i did not understand it the first time. i read it twice because it was nice. haha. i rhymed a cat in the hat rhyme!


i like different. that is why i don't caps & use grammar (periods, comma's & such) how i think they are suppose to be used. & i think change is attractive too. different is sexy!

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