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cedar hill publications - i'm purchasing


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i am purchasing a publishing company & i'm going to start a broadside series. it's not anytime soon, maybe 6 months away...




i want everyone to get some poems together & send them to me & maybe i'll choose them to do a broadside. i'm going to put promote it elsewhere, & i have lined up some bigger name poets - which means you won't be published along side nobodies...


some people that i'm going to publish: chris bursk, fanny howe, william corbett, christopher presfield...


it'll consist of 9 or 10 poems, have a title & your name, and an ISBN number so that it'll be purchasable in stores. (oh, & best part - it won't cost you a penny!)


there will be a contract & royalties - not a lot, probably like 25 to 50 dollars total, but it's something.



you all are my friends or will be my new friends. i want everyone to have a chance to get their work into the world & not have to pay for it themselves or have some crap place do it.






when you are ready: messenger them to me, along with your email, from the messenger place here! i'll save them & when i'm ready i'll contact you back with all the information!

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