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Hi everyone.

I want to explain something that has been on my mind since I entered PMO website. I read many poems of which there were nearly as many different styles of writing. I also notice much of the poetry is written in a manner that appears to mimic a style of the old masters.

Please bear with me, I’m not criticizing this effort, but something struck me as being odd. You see... in this era of writers, I would think, while attempting to express one’s self, a writer would use terms and phrases, thoughts and memories that are identifiable to our century and generation. We think differently now, and we speak differently, yet much of today's written form, attempts to produce that which reflects a world we do not live in.

Poetry is history of mankind. I’m not suggesting we forget works of great writers, but if our attempts continuously mimic the past, what are we offering to future generations?

At this point I want to bring to light a complimentary statement written by (Administrator; Tinker), after making her way through a lengthy epic of mine. It wasn’t kudos I was looking for, it was her statement that impressed me.

Tink I hope you don't mind my taking this liberty to use your statement.

“Yarn spinner, This was a fascinating read. My first reaction was Oh too much, but I couldn't stop reading it. I liked it.”

~~ Tink

An analogy:

I feel poetry should be like catching a prize fish. Give the reader enough information to get used to the idea that they are hooked. This poem was written in plain everyday language. It was my attempt to enlighten a reader, by showing this is/was life during my time.

I don’t know if my attempt to clarify what we have to offer to future generations has made sense, but this is the best explanation I have.

YarnSpinner, 2015

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Hi Yarnspinner, This was an interesting observation. I haven't observed the same thing. Most of the poetry here is Free Verse and the content usually comes from the experiences of the poet. What is more current than that?


Occasionally a recognized verse form or stanzaic form is used but other than in the Reference Section, which is a study of poetic technique and form, I don't see many attempts at mimicking the masters. Some of the poets here have been published, others simply write for their own pleasure. The caliber of writing on this forum in my opinion is outstanding. The subject matter ranges from frivolous word play to the sharing of a poet's soul and all of life in between.


I am probably more guilty of mimicking than any here when attempting to provide example poems and test techniques I've researched for the reference section. But Modern poets still use form and technique as evidenced all over the Internet .


Maybe I've misunderstood what you are saying. Yes I agree good poetry pulls you in. We have some poets here that are really good at that, our master story teller Dadulus comes to mind. Others paint a canvas with word images. We all have our own stories and style of writing and this forum offers a community through which we can share what interests each individual.



~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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