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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Gift


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take me to the cliffs
with hands over my eyes
forcing promises of love and peace
out of my heart
because my limbs have become stiff
from bearing me up against
the infernal pull of gravity
and the world's demanding prerequisites

i want to feel free again
running through fields of endless grasses
the sun kissing my face
my mind enveloped in the timeless beauty
and ecstasy of what it really means to be alive

but we get bound by heavy cords
pressures and commitments
sweeping us away from the truth
of our lives
tying us up in chains
that distract us
from the true purpose of our souls

every day we should be in awe of the sky
and of our breath and the souls around us
every day we should remind ourselves
that we are living within a gift
that is more resplendent
than we could possibly comprehend

To receive love, you have to give it...

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David W. Parsley

A celebration of what is now and what is possible. Nice work, Douglas.



- Dave

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