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Poetry Magnum Opus



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The sun's fire burned through the earth's skull-as an

untenanted planet formed. First rays of the moon
pre-empted a premise, an electric iris. First flames
on earth catheterized consciousness. Did I preexist
in dual forms as ciphers of light in God's mind next
to ghosted earth in silhouette. Light in the night time
sky from dying stars suggest the form I will eventually
assume.In the womb I saw an angel with a torch
searching for a special child, she couldn't contact
heaven and instead dialed the sun, left a lighthouse
deep in the recesses of my mind, would on occasion
climb stairs to illuminate unlit windows, radiance passing
through my eyes would reach moribund stars.
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Larsen M. Callirhoe

hi eclipse, what a cool read. reminded me of the brightness of a greek citizen that made a light laser beam in the 400 bc i believe. i can't remember his name archimedes i think and the date might me wrong but he was proved right on history channel. i9t was aq cool history channel show. much enjoyed.....



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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David W. Parsley

A fine sonnetesque effort, Barry. My only regret is the concluding "moribund stars" - seems like an unworthy object cloud to which the internal illuminations reach. If nothing else, just put "David Parsley" in there - the light reached me! :)


But seriously, how about receipt by something/somebody(ies) awakening, or ...


Nice work!

- Dave

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