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Poetry Magnum Opus

A Room in Cairo


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I know how to write this.
I know how to paint a room in words
And lavish nicotine stains upon
Deep, caramel walls.

I know how to place him languidly
Within a doorway
With fresh clear drops of water sliding
Off his firm, ivory chest.

I know how to place his lover’s body upon a bed;
How to make his muscles tingle
As he sees him lying there in the subtle
Afternoon air, golden and still,
Disturbed only mildly by a lazy fan,
That tries to cut the atmosphere,
Hanging from a pressed ceiling.

I know how to make the mangoes and pomegranates,
That rest ornately in a brass bowl next to the bed,
Release their fragrance
As the heat of the day pulls out their heady, sultry sweetness;
How to describe the old, battered violin
That leans against a corner of the room,
Honey-coloured and full of music and memory.

I know how to make the two lovers
Fall together completely
As they taste the body, soul, and spirit
Of one another
With tender touches that transcend intensity.

To receive love, you have to give it...

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Placing it in Cairo even adds to the sensuality.

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