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Poetry Magnum Opus

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An ode to a mystrious man we know very little about,

yet we trust his integrity, kindness, and generosity.


The Man in Red


What can I say about this man dressed in red

Who slips into my home while I am in bed.

He enters my domain, not using a light

Making nary a sound to cause anyone fright.


My children were sleeping, snuggled and warm,

Safe and sound from a cold winter storm.

Our dog laid silent, in front of the fire,

As he appeared in his bright winter attire.


I know that Missy would stand her ground,

Yet when he arrived, she made not a sound.

What is unique about this rotund man,

Who enters a house, when no one else can.


We think of him special...we invite him here,

Awaiting his arrival, year after year.

Anxious children plan for this day,

Hoping for presents, before he goes away.


They left milk and cookies for him to eat,

He left a note of thanks, for a tasty treat,

Then busied himself near the Christmas tree

Placing surprises for them, Momma and Me


Christmas morning was a day of good cheer,

Opening gifts, toys and surprises here.

The cheerful man is Santa Clause,

He's known for charity, and love without pause.


...and a card he left, for Momma and I

She read with tear drops in her eyes.

Do not to forget what day this is,

Our Savior's birthday...please celebrate His.


Merry Christmas


a Happy New Year

To One and All



copyrright 2015

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Thank you Tink; there may be several different ways to end this, but as of now...I ran into a "mental block." I appreciate any and all criticizsm and critique. YarnSpinner

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