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Poetry Magnum Opus


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Nature does not need instructions as to how or why recycling is beneficial to earth.

It’s man with his uncertain wisdom, who needs to be made aware.


Fire and Ice


High above the frozen earth

Their journey hence began.

Tiny droplets of moisture;

Tumble toward a darkened land.


A chill overcomes them,

Changing rain to crystal ice.

Winds carry them higher

Once, two times, even thrice.


As crystals they gather,

New shapes begin to form.

With stems, branches and fronds

Frosty white is now the norm.


Flakes of varied shapes

Cover earth with a blanket soft.

Except in one location...

Heat greets them from aloft.


Christmas carolers by a campfire,

Sing songs of praise on high.

Voices reach to the heavens,

Through fragments from the sky.


Heat from flames arising…

Meld with winter’s cold,

Catches tiny bits and pieces…

Not wanting to release its hold.


Fire and ice do not mix;

An exchange goes unopposed.

Flame-alters frozen cells,

Now as steam, they arose.


Earth’s environment is efficient,

With elements at beck and call.

Using its marvel of recycling;

A lesson to be learned by all.


These precious wisps return,

To heights where they began.

Gathering once more as tear drops,

To be released again and again.



copyright 2015

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An addendum: For those who have yet to read this, let it be known I did rework the poem since first posted. For this writer...it seems to be the "nature of the beast."

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