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Poetry Magnum Opus

Quotes From a Four Year Old


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Quotes From a Four Year Old

Dad. . . why don’t they make trucks look as nice as cars? Trucks are ugly.

Can’t they make them look like cars, but just bigger?

How does the road move underneath us from front to back?

Is it because our wheels make it go that way?

If we were over in the other lane, would we go backward?

How does the road know where to turn, so we can get back home?

You say the car goes faster if you push down on the gas pedal.

How does it know you want it to go faster?

What makes an airplane fly?

You say they have wings?

Why don’t they flap like birds do

What keeps a blimp or a dirigible up in the air? They don’t have wings.

Why is a candle flame hot? How does it make light?

How come you call them eyes, a potato can’t see.

We have a toilet inside.

Why does Mr. Ryder have to go outside in that little building? Doesn't he have a toilet?

Why did Mr. Ryder’s little building blow up?

(Mr. Ryder always took a newspaper and a cigar with him, after his supper.

Methane emanating from spoil, ignited from lighting his cigar,

It blew his outhouse off the hole, onto its side.

He was unscathed, but flustered to say the least.)

How can people we don’t know, talk in our radio?

How do they know where to find us?

(Author’s note:) I built my first Crystal Set, and listened with an airplane headset. I am still amazed that sound can came out of a Quartz rock. (a Quartz crystal resonates various vibration frequencies.) These vibrations are detected using a hair-like wire, called a (“Cat Whisker,”) This wire is part of the crystal set’s components. The vibrations are amplified using a 6 volt Dry cell battery to power a hand wound copper coil, passing sound on to a headset.) It’s amazing!

We can’t breath under water...how come fish don’t drown?

How can a fish smell bait on a hook? They don’t have a nose.

Where does smoke go?

How come coal burns and other rocks don’t?

Does it hurt a horse when nails are put in his feet to hold its horseshoe on?

Does it hurt a worm when you push it on the hook?

How can a chicken run around with its head cut off?

It can’t see where it going.

How does a baby bird know how to build a nest when it grows up?

It didn’t have a teacher.

How does a spider know how to spin a web?

Who taught it?

Mom said she has a baby inside of her tummy...how did it get in there? How's it going to get out?

How come Santa Claus doesn’t get dirty when he comes down a chimney?

As fat as he is, how can he get down a chimney?

If he gets toys from his sack. . . how come he doesn’t run out?

His sack is not very big, and he travels all over the world, how can he go to every house in one night?

How do all of his reindeer and sleigh stay on our roof?

How do children get there gifts if they don’t have a chimney for him to come down?

Who put all those toys and packages in the closet upstairs?

Yes... I was an inquisitive child. . .

I’m certain the list of questions are much longer than I have listed here.


copyright 2010

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