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Poetry Magnum Opus

Regent's Park


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I met the ghost of my former self today.
I saw him following me,
Hiding between the trees
And groomed flower beds of the park;
And I felt such compassion for him,
Young, vulnerable and wistful,
Merging into the dappled shadows of the avenues,
A slight and frail shadow himself.
And I asked,
What are you looking for?
Are you ok?
But, he remained silent,
His eyes averted,
Seeking his shadowed camouflage.
I tried to catch up to him,
Tried to embrace him,
But he remained constantly out of my grasp;
And I cried, remembering what he had gone through the last time we were here.
Eventually, he disappeared
And I was left alone on a park bench
Pondering what I had done to hurt him.
I sat and sat trying to align myself with him,
Hoping that he would appear again to give
Me the clarity I so needed from him today.
But he did not return.

To receive love, you have to give it...

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Very intriguing and engaging lines:


I met the ghost of my former self


Pondering what I had done to hurt him


And I loved "dappled shadows".

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My former self- could be so many people. me in my youth, me in a former life, me before...

It all fits. We can't get yesterday back.

I love "I felt such compassion for him" .


Me too, I really feel sorry for the "idiot" I was :).

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