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Poetry Magnum Opus



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You know you have my heart.
It is held within your hands.
And it's up to you to do with it what you choose.
But know this if you throw it down;
Mine is a heart full of love and possibility; brimming with desire and empathy.
Mine is a heart that has seen and recognised you; it is an organ that is yearning to play you the most beautiful music you have ever heard.

I visualise Paris and see us there; kissing the way we did the other night.
I visualise Paris and see us walking beside the river holding hands and acknowledging the knowing that flows between us.

But we come from different realities, you and I.
Thrown together by fate and forced to face the hesitancy and reticence that the years have brought into us.

And if I could argue our case, a case for love, before a judge, I would say this as my closing statement: he knows me and I know him, it was apparent the first time we met; so now it is up to you, your honour.

To receive love, you have to give it...

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