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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Night takes of it's make up

winds blow against glass unable

to locate melody on the harmonica

passing by. Cemetery leaves are

the colour of brass, tattooed heart

on my arm begins to beat. Crossing

barriers throw their dice, I count

three, five people on either side,

the deceased dice falls forever never

landing. Grass wears sleet like armour

leaves depart from trees, graveyard

sheds ghosts that clamor to catch this

morning train. Blackbird opens his flask

of sunshine singing to a slothful sun,

ticket is collected, Beverley platform

is empty except for a gothic girl applying

her make-up. Seagull appears to be moving down

an escalator carried by precision winds.

Summer's pocket-watch is frosting over, fading

morning moon's pocket-watch has four faces that

are lost in the sky's ether. My eyes are like

nets collecting images both left and right, look

of sorrow on the face of the man opposite suggest

he has no magic to sell, why didn't he leaves his

nets in the wishing well for longer?. This train is like

a wand in a journey of two halves, I locate aching

distant memories that have been waiting for a ticket.

We pass trees next to a pond that have had there

reflections returned, did they catch the night train

to arrive back on the waters?, I need a pass to join

them on there next trip. Last stop is Bridlington on

this primal jaunt, like being halted halfway through

the transformation from man to werewolf.

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