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Dreaming, composing a eulogy when
winter walked across my eyelids, the
breeze pressed it's wrist passing on
the last breath of my lost friend this
bench is dedicated too. Hanging on
the fence an umbrella collecting rain,
winds collecting echoes of the final
heartbeats of those departing. Winter
is testing the trees for blood, me for
a eulogy, park has a rusting leafy hood,
I cannot read or write but that night I
added two watchtowers to a castle made
from snow created by children, then I
etched your name. In life we were
confined subtly within boundaries but
watched each other running, dodging
the quiver of hearts as crises marched.
Now an absence like the robin without wind
who pressed his frantic breast against the
window you watch from.
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David W. Parsley

A powerful piece showcasing your unique gifts, Barry. Have you considered passing poems like this one through the Workshop section? I think folks would feel more free to offer suggestions there. This poem would benefit from a round of crafting or two.

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