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Demoted Syllable


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I haven't heard of this one, but interesting slant:



Its rhythms are sound, and could be emphasized merely by putting a comma after they come—which would, in effect, create a caesura to play the part of a demoted syllable, thus allowing you two stressed syllable in a row that still feel essentially iambic.

They come, shambling past for my review


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Hi Phil,

Interesting stuff. We touched upon some of it in this topic:


A Fantastic Book on Meter


Without the comma, I tend to scan the line --


/ ^THEY / come SHAM / bling PAST / for MY / reVIEW /


-- with a headless iamb. With the comma, I scan it:


/ they COME / ^SHAM / bling PAST / for MY / reVIEW /


Again, check out the first post in the linked topic. Of course, the book has much more on these metrical peculiarities.





PS -- I love "Bed."



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Thanks Tony. This was an opening line so there was that familiar discussion about using a headless iamb in the first line. The comma was an option offered.





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