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Poetry Magnum Opus

Winter Solstice 2016


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Winter Solstice 2016


I stopped

writing poetry

putting pen to paper

finger tip to board

I’m still living it

How could I

not Science


cannot calculate

the amounts of

atmosphere DNA warmth

from hearths and shelters

microflora and microfauna

survivor’s epigenetics the

worlds lost when victims

sank beneath the peat

or lay in shuddered

piles upon the ground


we have taken into

the Longest Night

the dark that never

gets short


We all spiral here

Passing our whole lives

in the frigid embrace

the Dark Mother

our satellites

and rockets


huddle close

for safety


Bold Children


Break Away


only to be swallowed

too far from winter fires

to find their way back

to community and collections

a calculus filled with apocalypse

End Time Teleologies scientific

prayers of purpose rather than

cause calling for an end


Why this environment?

Why something rather than nothing?

Why suffer? Why Think? Why? And

again Why?


Only poets answer

Thus and thus and thus!

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the dark that never

gets short

And this:

Bold Children

Break Away

Only poets, indeed.

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David W. Parsley

Hi doc, you sucker punched me with this one - not the way I thought it was headed when I started it. Beneath the lines of questioning and doubt, beneath the occasional touch of hope tinged with irony, is a stream of something akin to accusation somewhat like the Ghost of Christmas Present raising his robe to reveal the huddled children of Want and Ignorance. Methinks the hand of Dickens stirs the pot of science and metaphysical crisis here. And just a touch of what makes Christmas always bear the mark of mystery through the cheer.


Thank You (I think),

- Dave

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This poem is no less amazing than the body of all human knowledge: it fits right in. I am amazed by science, technology, infrastructure, calculations/mathematics, medicine, literature/poetry, and so forth. Still, I think it arrogant of mankind, on its own, through science or religion, to ever expect to explain life, much less everything in the universe. It's no different than me trying to explain the smallest detail about a computer to a dog. I could talk about the computer for every waking hour of the dog's lifetime, but it will never understand. It's brain is only so big. Is there more than brain size to a human's capacity to understand? I believe there is. If I remember correctly, it says somewhere in the Christian bible that in the end all will be revealed.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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David W. Parsley

Tony, that is a whopper of a response to a whopper of a poem!

Viva The Opus!

- Dave

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