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Poetry Magnum Opus

A short ghost story


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The cemetery tree overlooking Dominic Kings grave

had arms operating on it's heart, on branches hung
an angel and King, Caesar Dominic's dog laid across
his grave, the dog had been mute since the death of
his owner. Street signs beyond the graveyard walked,
whispering among themselves, the angel hanging
muttered a street name, Dominic was trying to bury
the sky.
The moon turned into a cat, coughing out moon-balls,
placing them in Caesar's eyes, the dog could now see
street signs hanging upside down from the sky, his dead
master dropped a lead for Caesar, they moved across the
sun's mask which had a painting of the earth-a tear and a
crimson coloured angel clambering for the tear. The sun
was dreaming about it's inevitable collapse, with the king
of flames chanting Dominic's name, he and Caesar could
could hear the cries of a hungry child left alone for hours.
They walked through a meadow to a tree where a young
boy with a heart condition was swaying silently, aching
for contact, how far had they both travelled?-the dead
have no need for mathematics as they pass the ghost
of a rose counting it's lost thorns, above it a clock full
of cuckoos trying to escape eternal echoes, the cuckoo
outside the clock is fixed with Dominic shocked at being
unable to reach former selves beckoning him towards
They walk on finding themselves climbing the steps of
a lighthouse, reaching the top they see the gigantic figure
of Dominic's father painting the glass black, he used to
take the light bulb out when Dominic was a child leaving
him in the dark. Caesar and Dominic go outside, they see
that the father has no eyes, with gravestones instead of
nails, Caesars eyes light up the names on the stones.
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Hi Barry, I love the dog, Caesar literally brings this tale to life.  There are so many sad moments in this piece, beginning with the dog lying across the grave and the sound of the hungry child.  This is an interesting poem with so many images on which to ponder.


~~ Tink

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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