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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Broafing of Hing and Graf


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this is the outcome of one of my "sentences that make no sense" exercises... and as I was doing it (the day after Christmas here in the US) I found myself trying to give it a "Jabberwocky" sort of voice... I don't know much at all about Jabberwocky- Ive not really read anything about it- I have read the poem with others... and that memory was there as I did my "make no sense" exercise...


I have to say, I kind of like the way this came out- so Im posting it here as a "work"...


I have NO IDEA what most of these words mean, were meant to mean, might mean... just making them up so that they sound fun, and so that they MIGHT have some relation to something else in the poem that came before... so, I wouldn't bother looking up any unfamiliar words- there's a bunch that simply do not exist but here, or that are used in a very wrong way...


but damn, it was fun to do...





  • "Lets Broaf!" the Hingmen cried, "and slate with fine lament!" So off to Crackotu they plied, to pray for Brove'sament
    "Hingman one and Hingman all" became their dearest voor- should any Hingman clay his fall, the rest will clamor shoor
    "Het ses be'drue?" did once the Graf, ahear upon his vow- whence should the sons of Flaavux cry and wholestead beads allow
    "They come with might and verify, their Wharshipway smight deem- if any Hing can feel his groat, let Wharflung bade his dream"
    Dutybrung and flimeybound the Graffight fraked with blaught- should Hingkind well the Wharflown way, havocious cringe distraught
    "Spirick well and flayr thee not- we havyet forn the blade- Once these Gringkund savankplots have eat of our hurrade!"
    Thorey means and duty broughs were every Grafs huuroh - but on this dor the Grings flyrwund, allay the Graf shour woe

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Frank E Gibbard

I always had a taste for nonsense. Liked reading Edward Lear classics from the master Lewis (not Jerry!}. Fun. Have you read any John Lennon? He did well and funnily in this genre. Catching you for the first time new boy. I like the olde Treasure Island-like of your avatar too Rumisong. Cheers & welcome. Frank

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rumisong wrote:


Ok, so I looked up Jabberwocky in Wikipedia, which indeed has a label for what such things are:





Ah rumisong thank you so much for the link. I had my own thoughts about this nonsense verses. I just shared with Tony, that it sounds so British - British humor.


Nice work icon_smile.gif



The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth - Jean Cocteau

History of Macedonia



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Frank E Gibbard wrote:

I always had a taste for nonsense. Liked reading Edward Lear classics from the master Lewis (not Jerry!}. Fun. Have you read any John Lennon? He did well and funnily in this genre. Catching you for the first time new boy. I like the olde Treasure Island-like of your avatar too Rumison. Cheers & welcome. Frank


thanks for the welcome Frank-


Edward Lear is someone I ought to know- the wikipedia page there looks very interesting! checking him out now... an illustrator too! right up my alley icon_smile.gif Im glad for your mentioning him...


Lennon, no, I haven't read him- but certainly there is an affinity for his work and thought from that which I do know...


and Im glad you like the avi... obviously I cant take credit for drawing the map, OR for the font design- and yes, the compass is "borrowed" from somewhere too- but other than that, I did put it all together icon_smile.gif


are you familiar with "Yankee" magazine? thats where the font came from- I intended to make the avatar look like an old Yankee Magazine cover ... it came out pretty good I thought ...



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This is more than just a slew of new words. It's practically a new language! Though it's not, it sounds like a language.


There's certainly a use for something like this. It could be incorporated into a story or a movie. I think Tolkien did it with the "Elvish" language in his Lord of the Rings, and the same thing has been done in several science fiction series for alien species. The languages do always sound remarkably like they should sound.


I had not considered stringing together my nonsense lines to create a work ... I'll have to try it! Thanks again for that topic in the Playground.




PS -- I did notice your poem in the workshop, and I hope to visit it soon.

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Hello rumisong,




This has a delightful jauntiness about it, and reminds me of Ogden Nash's nonsense verses icon_smile.gif









Even a single enemy is too many and a thousand friends too few - Bhutanese saying.

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Frank E Gibbard

From an interesting Beatles site www.geocities.com/soho/lofts/8498/ One of John Lennon's bits of nonsense rumisong for example of some of his work I think it is similar to Jabberwockying; the general genre of playing with language. A lively discussion you have prompted. Frank



Benjaman Distasteful


Benjaman halted his grave flow of speach and lug off a cigarf he knew where peeky boon! He wrethced overy and berlin all the tootsdes.

'It were all nok a limpcheese then a work ferce bottle. Ai warp a grale regrowth on, withy boorly replenishamatsaty troop, and harlas a wedreally to fight. We're save King of pampices when all the worm here me aid.' I inadvertabably an unobtrusive neyber had looke round and seen a lot of going off, you know how they are. Anywart, I say get a battlyard pussload, ye scurry navvy, I beseige of all my bogglephart, way with his kind farleny and grevey cawlers. But Benjaman was a rather man for all I cared. I eyed he looking, 'Ben' I creid 'You are a rather man.' He looked at me hardly with a brown trowel. 'I know' he said, 'but I do a steady thirsty.' I were overwhelped with heem grate knowaaaldge, you darn't offer mead and monk with all these nobody, I thought. A man like he shall haff all the bodgy poodles in his hands. 'Curse ye baldy butters, and Ai think its a pritty poreshow when somebottle of my statue has to place yongslave on my deposite.'

'Why - why?' I cribble all tawdry in my best sydneys.

To this day I'll never know.


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Do you know theWergle Flomp poetry awards? This may be to good to win, but it is worth considering;-) Part of the process of poetry, it seems 'agreed upon' by poets is an engagement in lyrical langauge, I know that seems obvious, but their is nothing better than 'nonsense' to expose the building blocks of langauge, what makes sense, why, what part of the structure, what music is revealed...


Fine example icon_biggrin.png


Many Thanks!



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