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Poetry Magnum Opus

moutain leopard


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The mountain- an angel in different form, the snow

it's wings. The leopard is like a disconnected
moon, a wheel of prayer. The male leaves
his scent in search of a mate, heaven on earths
template camouflaged in nature left by an unknown
The cat's claws slice into snow, somewhere sawn
down trees make contact with the earth as they hit
the ground, empty spaces where branches used to be,
spaces reserved for the waiting to be born who will
help a planet climb towards a new consciousness.   
The moon reaches the  eyes of a pregnant leopard
and in the desert those of a sphinx, nature's seamless
rebirth as man's arid ideology brings sections of an ecology
to the mortal brink. 
The wind the mountain's unrealised ghost
encounters a newly incarnated cub as the
moon's clock exhales onto ticking flakes of
snow. the moon's ghost is wrapped in furs
as it tries to initiate a seance and attempts
to push the mountain between world leaders
who claim to control the tides, the rains wake
an angel sleeping on their glass sky, who will
collect the water leaking through cracks as an
angel collects the final screams of animals caught
in traps.  
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