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Snow Storm - Master2.mp3

Hello Forum members.

I'm trying something new. I realize there are audio recordings of various writer's poetry created here in this forum, but In my case I am not just submitting the poem, but also a musical recording that was made of it. The song has not been made public by a musical studio; I don't think it's necessary to divulge the Why and Wherefore. The Title of the poem and recording is SNOW STORM. It was written by me as a tribute to 3 family members who drive Inter State Trucking. They make their living hauling freight across the country in all kinds of weather. It’s a dangerous, thankless job they perform. I also want to say it is meant to include all drivers who transport the necessities we take for granted, when we shop in our favorite stores for clothing, food, building supplies, and the list goes on. Something for you to think about; If it were not for truckers delivering produce and commodities we need and buy, this nation, as well as all nations, would literally come to a standstill. 

Thank You Tony, for  patience with me, to put this into the forum.  I submit the Poem Snow Storm as it was written and  recorded

NOTE: Be Patient...it might a few moments for the MP3 music to download the song. 

Snow Storm 
(What’s That Honey? I Love You Too.) 

Snow drifting on the highway; cold penetrating to the bone. 
Beneath a gray, dismal sky; this trucker was traveling alone. 
Wipers banging the windshield, beyond the hood he could barely see, 
He’d been driving since early morning, now it was after three. 

He couldn’t read the exit signs, in this mess they all looked the same. 
Aw the snow was so heavy on the last one, it completely covered the name.
Cars stalled on the roadway; he passes a bogged down rig. 
"Hope my Freightline makes it tonight, this storm is gonna’ be big."

His radio wailed a CW song...they spread the chatter from the CB now and then. 
Breaker Truckers they’re closing 80, don’t know when it will open again. 
A diner loomed just ahead; he saw a red flashing sign. 
"I’ll call the little woman, ’n tell her, I won’t be home by nine." 


"What’s that Honey? I love you too; hug the kids, and tuck them in tight. 
This storm is really something, I might not make it home tonight." 
By 10 P.M., the storm ran its course; the sky cleared and stars shined bright. 
Road crews bucking ten foot drifts, saw beams of a very weak light. 

The snow covered DANGEROUS CURVE; a guard rail was gaping wide. 
In the ravine some thirty feet below, a rig was laying on its side. 
"What’s that Honey? I love you too; hug the kids, and tuck them in tight. 
This storm is really a killer, and I wont be coming home tonight." 

Yeah... this storm’s a real a killer, I not coming home tonight." 

copyright 2014


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