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Poetry Magnum Opus

Hawk in the park


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The sparrow hawk discovers Pearson park-like

finding a pearl inside a shell inside a pearl. Pearson
beckons the bird holding the moon between his fingers
like a lens, the moon clutches his monument. In spring
bank cemetery a grave whispers to itself in search of an
incantation, Pearson will meet himself in photographs
turned inside out, birds will freeze when the hawk repeats
it's inner flight.
Seasons demand clocks exchange hands, pond waters
reflect a birds wings before it lands like a dream passing
through consciousness. Locals clamor for  summer's constant
caress as they haunt the park and bask, somewhere winter
has autumn's mask gripped in it's claws. The sparrow hawk
follows and ancient impulse, Pearson prays for a feathered
moon to find and liberate his ghost.  
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