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Poetry Magnum Opus

Anthony Bourdain 1956-2018


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Sometimes the talent
is strikingly obvious
we all could see it
never mind the cursing words
or maybe that was his vent

Adventure the world
show us who the cooks are
their human stories
always to look forward to
you knew it would be real

But beneath his stories
was another never told
a fire that burned
hidden in some painful place
and how he snuffed it out

Bourdain was unique
and gave his all every time
that son-of-a-bitch
in words he would understand
if he were looking back

He knew who he wasn't 
but not so sure who he was
said in an interview
vulnerable real human
who loved the struggles and fights

We'll wonder, won't we
what happened in Anthony
to give it up so
to cut short his story tells
to end them at sixty-one

from the black desert

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Gatekeeper,  This is a beautiful and surprising tribute.   This brought home the loss to the world far more clearly than any reports I've read or heard.   Suicide has taken too many talents that enriched the world.   I often wonder about those truly talented, if the pressures of sharing their gift with the rest of us is a factor in their self destruction. 


~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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He recently commented about his doubts that he could do another season.  He seemed tired.  Perhaps Tony had become too weary of what Anthony Bourdain had become, or could not become.

A great loss to the world of humanity.  

Perhaps there is something about creative and talented types that we don't yet understand.  Something about limitations and how they are dealt with.

from the black desert

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Terry L shuff

I think your on track with that possibility.    His travels gave a great  view of other cultures of the world. 

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