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Poetry Magnum Opus

Bullseye and his wishing well eyes


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The moon walks with Bullseye through his dreams

as it's reflection lands on park waters and winter
streams. Ghosts of Pearson park hint without whispering
of story's to make Bullseyes eyes sing themselves into
transfiguration to become wishing wells, spirits faces 
are minted in moonlight and placed at the bottom of
the water.
The wind becomes a tongue for spirits whose songs are
sung to a handsome dog ambling through Pearson park,
the moon has ended its hunt for a repository, an ark to
store resting narratives of park residents who have passed
away and want to relive their restive tales. Each ghost lays
with Bullseye who sleeps, his heart is raised to the sky-a 
satellite soaked in moonlight, each spirit makes a wish to
summon their story and the sky is furnished with flashing
images to become a stage until  a handsome dog wakes
to wistfully add his own wondrous passage.
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I enjoyed this tale of a dog in his dreams. The opening lines of S2 roll off the tongue effortlessly.

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