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Poetry Magnum Opus

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Come ride with me my beauty
Forget your troubles and woe
I’ll carry you to a Fantasy Land
To a place where troubles can’t go.

We’ll gallop in warmth of sunshine,
And fly high o’er fleecy clouds;
To a place of comfort and happiness,
To shed your worrisome shrouds.

Once there your spirits will bloom
Only good thoughts...you shall know
Memories of the past will flourish
Sorrow and suffering will have to go.

You may remember times as a child
Picking flowers in a field nearby,
Or chasing pretty butterflies
Beneath a warm, pale blue sky.

You may recall your black leather shoes
And your lovely pink pinafore.
You grew so fast after that Easter
You couldn’t wear either anymore.

Many thoughts you’ll recall in a moment
Too soon your ride will to end,
I’ll return you to your way of life,
To things you have to tend.

Remember...when you feel burdened
We can fly away once more;
I’ll carry you off to a Fantasy Land
Or some other Day Dream Shore.

Copyright 2017

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