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Poetry Magnum Opus

April 1 Role Play #deepadaption


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Role Play #deepadaption


You didn’t ask for this

This life This Being

Neither did They

born snuffed out


Thus we pretend

We always knew

Squirrels play games

in Spring on barren

branches while Trees

can talk on mycelial

networks and Rainbows

have been seen before

and this is not the first

Time a conspiracy

of optical derangements

a collusion of gods

frolic below our Goldilocks

thin-blue-line everyone

we know and lose

is part of


An atmosphere

Supercharged with

our delusions


A time and place both

fantastic and findesiecle

decadent an obvious pedagogy

hammered home when we deviate


As I tighten wooden drawer screws

realizing only today it’s the change

loosening when I believed it to be

opposite I ask ‘Do we choose?’


We have been playing ‘our’ part

it might as well be this one

not what someone chose for you

after all it’s still Now even

at the end.

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Hi DC,  im so happy to see you have joined in the quest. 

I love that you capitalize specific words, Emily Dickinson style.  It puts an emphasis on those words I might not have suspected. The squirrels and trees and rainbows section made me smile. 

You always make me think. 


~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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A collusion of gods.

Supercharged with delusions.

Heady stuff here, and only poetry can convey it. I sense conviction, but not defeat in that:

even at the end.


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Thanks Tink & DC! glad you enjoyed. My 30 days is devoted to 'Deep Adaption' -- Civilization as we know it will end 'soon,' so what are we gonna do? Defeat is not an option;-)



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