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Poetry Magnum Opus

Deep Adaption #deepadaption 4/2/19


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Deep Adaption #deepadaption

Chainsaw WrrrrrrwRRRRrRrRr

the wa left out

a mechanized millenium

deliver cleanup construct

trucks cars machines

Mechanisms create consonants

Crk crk crk dtttttttttt crk


The Anthropocene’s biggest fault

is its softness like ‘Bombs Fall’

hardly describes the CLANG BANG

catastrophic -- ears -- ruined

Breaking bones -- bashing brains

Vowels like oo ummy ai ea

run spill and spoil

guns don’t trill they BARK

missile doesn’t burst it BAMS


We hear it too fast

slow it down

crack of icebergs

become a quartet

our follies THUNDER



crickets or a baby’s cry

over before it began


And yet

cherry -- trees -- blossom

a high wind and it’s over

desolate places

have their own beauty

which after all

is what we need

if we are to adapt

to our losses and gains.


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