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Poetry Magnum Opus

April Twelfth Twothousandnineteen Day 12


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April Twelfth Twothousandnineteen

All Poetry
under the auspices of the Birds
is about poetry or rather how
did the avian song lead to
the leden word or leaded
language because twelve days
In all I can hear is the THUNK
Rather than the polychromatic
risefallrise TRILL

the myth of progress
has always had a parasitic
relationship to evolution
claiming symbiotic status
without doing the heavy
LIFTING from a Cambrian
point of view oceans of 
oxygen were hardly
sympathetic to the
want of flight or

Polyphonic panderings
made possible by
airs lack of resistance
nor had the Great Dying
yet made a big BOOM

when I close my eyes
And with my arms extended
making small slow SWOOPS
with arms rising
and falling

in time to our Vertebrae drumming
we know dreams of flying
have always
been HAD.



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