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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 23: The Yellows Play Their Part


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The Yellows Play Their Part
#deepadation 4/23/2019

Went walking with Yellow today
yesterday there was a man who
insisted claiming beauty remains
vital as civilization crumbles and 
To always remember  the Yellow (1) 
Daffodil of heart - break so I am 
strolling in a headphone cocoons 
They do not negate a friendly gr -
eeting  of course with the beautiful
Spring air I’m also gonna get a nice
Yellow (-2) of Pinot Grigio or Dandy -
Lion wine but my friends and I will 
probably need to make that our -
selves I think when the Bush ag - 
gressively assaults my senses
it screams YELLOW (0) Marv -
E- llous since heavy artillery
is often required to let Beauty
or Truth through my solitary
perimeter  immediately followed
by the faded once too umber 
Yellow (-1) of aluminum siding
like the house I spent 13 years 
where dreams still transport
me regularly but as Roshi said
‘a Zen Monk must leave again
and again’ buzzed by a bee
or my memory of a bee can’t
be sure the music is too LOUD
Oshun’s Yellow (-5) the Yellow
of Pumpkins chromatically in-
fested with infrared washes
over me the ‘Real’ becomes
honey liquid crystals the Blues 
can’t become  Greens Baby
without Yellows (-4) my old
Oshun/Ogun partner like to
dress me in Yellow (-3) all -
ways thought it was a Mirror
but didn’t know on which side
I was standing Oh yeah while
listening to da Funk I saw the
Yellow (10’000 things) 
in Every Little Thing.


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23 hours ago, badger11 said:

Enjoyed Juris, but I didn't understand the numbering.

Thanks Phil! Well, as the month progresses I am indulging (out of desperation sometimes) in experiment. Not all work -- This poem was a bit problematic for me, the stream of consciousness vibe was reflected my new found love of Kurt Vile and I was 'word free' that day so I went for a walk and played the William Burroughs 'Walking With Colors ' Game. In which you pay particular attention to a certain color, Burroughs would make notes of emotional responses and thoughts associated with the color and the object it was -- So I do not have a painters chromatology - Can't tell you the difference between Burnt Sienna and Lemon Yellow and Canary Yellow -- So I decided to number the 'Yellows' instead -- From The First experienced To The fundamentals which I put as negatives because they help create the experienced moment;-) Hope that helps! Not a huge fan of this piece but maybe in reworking, later.

Appreciate the feedback!



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