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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 24: The Consumer Science Oath


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The Consumer Science Oath
#deepadaption 4/24/2019

I solemnly declare
I believe in Science not god
I believe in the Scientific Method
but vow never to apply it

If I experience something
irrefutable funky wunky
irredeemable crazy lazy
vow not  to believe

my senses and soul
are owned by the Method
and those who choose to
apply It

Madness comes from lack of
adherence to advertised facts pre-
analyzed for my consumption
allowing analytical skills to relax


Give into the facts! 
and if you can’t
We have a pill for that
See there’s this study I saw that said...


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I see you capitalized Science but not god. 😉

I have only just recently learned A LITTLE about the Cult of Reason. Human beings mess up everything.

We have a pill for that

I love anything that sounds like it could be from a 70s sci-fi flick.

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