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Poetry Magnum Opus

Variation #28


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Variation #28

#deepadaption 4/28/2019

(to be read slowly methodically think plodding

but without the droning of syncopated marching

rather ecstatic sparsity rather than the busyness of

methodical grieving where the beginning

and end are the same color and

one can’t differentiate between


the white white Blossom petals


mix with       grey white                        Wet


swaying      concentric geometries





and muscle


the Framed) backgroundof Emptiness


Joshu said “The Oaktree in the front garden”


  it IS not an Oak Tree or a Cypress

but he is right in his wrongness


like all things words are put to

or OUT

Gratitude moves

to the Fore


we write and read


variations on this.

Variation #28 (1).pdf

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