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Poetry Magnum Opus

30 Days 30 Days 30 Days: Washing Machine


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Day 30 Day 30 Day 30: Washing Machine

My best poetry has a rhythm I think
when woosh chunk woosh chunk woosh
replaces the poem in planning in -
stead hear Guru guru wash wash
ching chung guru wash chung goo

a chanting that calls the Ancestors
the washing machine starts turn turn -
ing  exfoliating shallowed surfaces 
burnishing brings forward the ancient
goat skinned rum tum tum drums 
whose subterranean churn churn - 
ing pulls out aquified earth blood
its  Heart beat-beats 
And here come
the pipes!

clang-clanging spirited
cacophonies collaborating
with viscous viscera a
resonating sing - song -
ing Thank You! Thanks 
operatic grandiose 

(air kiss)

For hanging out with me through
30 days of a good and bad rhythms
and bumps and experiments and the necessary
sulfurous F-Ups exploding awkwardly in a silent
room the required labwork one must muster
to translate even badly the ineffable
Thunderous Silence 

So go out clap - clapping 
syncopated to your synchronizations

I’ll go back to prismatically separating 
the colors from the blinding cluster combination
this background this paper 
humming to the thump-thumping
of our washer and dryer
Is it poetry? again and again.


Juris d. Ahn & Dr. Concrescence

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. . . the required labwork one must muster . . .

I am so glad that someone else also knows that poetry is not always JUST inspirational, it can be work, even drudgery to get out what you MUST write!

Oh, and comparing washing machines to ancient drums.....neat.


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