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Current Histories


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Current Histories

"Be joyful though you have considered all the facts."
    - Wendell Berry

The world you came out of
well to be fair
The World We came out of

is a cartography of abattoir
everything eats everything
the eye that beholds
is more biome than human
and the greatest myth
we created
when forest spat savannah
but after feathered serpents
became pools of our own

A longgame revenge pact
extinction on extinction on extinction
back to basic building blocks
Try Again! Try Again! Try Again!
Till some combination of clay
creates a clockwork creature
a symboless golem or rather
Until micro self-organizes 
reinvents macro and for a
moment forgets
off course
We remember

between sense making primates
a carrot a clam a cicada a currant
except in expression

Now show me
The Face
Before and 
again After
We were Born.

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We watch Earth, and Earth watches us back. I would go further -- farther! -- to say that we, like Bowers' Astronomers, watch the universe, and the universe watches us back. Those faces on Mars come to mind.

Still, there are a few animals that prefer the company of mankind to that of their own. A snake is not one of them. Neither is a lion. Raise a lion, bond with it even, but one day the lion will eat you ... or at least kill you.

Loved the poem, Juris.


Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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"everything eats everything"

I heard once: "all life is a holocaust"

"symboless golem"

I might go insane trying to "see" that. 🙂

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