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Poetry Magnum Opus

three cat poems


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Oregon Demon Cat


The demon cat 

Lived in Medford Oregon


The demon cat was a big black cat

His eyes were filled with demonic energy

He stared at you 


Looking into your very soul

Filled with anger, and hatred

For the entire human race


He seemed at times

To be not from this planet

Perhaps an alien species

Studying the human race


Or perhaps he came 

Form hell itself


The demon cat loved to torment visitors

For some reason he hated the man’s daughter


The cat would stare at her from his perch

Down the hall from the old man


Then he would run at her

Screaming like an escaped banshee

Straight out of hell


She told her dad

Either the cat goes

Or I go


He said

See you later


The demon cat smiled

At the small victory


And she left the house

With the demon cat

Screeching good bye

Strange Cat Watching Me



 A cat sits on the edge of a bed

Watching me watching him

Both of us thinking

What sort of strange creature this is

That has invaded our personal space

Upending our daily routines


The cat came up to me

Staring at me 

with his soulful eyes

Boring into my very soul

Looking for answers 

To these dark fundamental questions


The cat smiles a mysterious smile

And purrs in contentment 

Having found an answer of sorts

And indicates that we can be friends

As long as I know 

That he is the boss of me 


And I pet him


the time honored

Ritual of human cat interaction

That dates 

back to the dawn of time


When humans and cats 

First became aware

Of the other 

Strange creature 

that shared

our planet 


Cat Dreams Kill Humans


cat sitting smiling

cat lost in buddha trance thought

cat dreams kill humans



black cat.jpg

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Jake,  Oh my, I have one of those.  Although Molly doesn't look evil and with me, she is loving.  She is a sweet. soft. snuggly kitty and then she turns into a tiger hissing and swiping and attacking anyone else who may come near.  My vet has told me I have to tranquilize her before bringing her in next time. 😲


~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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Jake, I do love these cat poems. My favorite memorable coinage which I can't get out of my head has got to be "human cat interaction." Also loved how the cat stayed and the daughter had to go. Awesome work!

Tony 😄 

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Cats are so mysterious just what are they thinking when looking at you, anyway I like this poem, long but to the point and is bittersweet, I also think that this poem could use some metaphors though.

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