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Poetry Magnum Opus

another day another shooting


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Another Day Another Shooting


another day in paradise

just another day in America

land of the free

Home of the brave


and guns

lots of guns

more guns for all

cries the NRA


yes another day

another gun battle

another white man

who just wants to kill 


the President sends his condolences

Thanks the law enforcement 

for an incredible job well done

It was horrible


Hate has no place 

in our country

and we will take of it

and do what ever we can do 



nothing but false words

empty words 

lots of things to do 


it is mental illness problem

but he fails to mention

the words gun at all

not at all


and tomorrow and tomorrow

but he at least finally said

hate has no role in country

nothing but prime BS 

in my humble opinion 


he did not mention

white supremacy

his rhetoric had nothing 

nothing to do about this at all


and so tomorrow 

I will turn on the TV

and we see 

nothing at all 


and the dead 

will remain dead

the guns will fire again

nothing will be done


welcome to America 

land of the free

home of the brave


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The Beretta is nice, but I think I prefer the Glock. I read about the SWORD ATTACK in peaceful, perfect, socialist Finland, and it made me wonder was it the sword?!? Or could it have been mental illness?  🤔 In any case, I'm always amused when watching a movie in a theater, when everyone is beyond sick of the P.I.A. bad guy, when someone finally gets her hands on a GUN 😲 and gets rid of the bad guy, how the audience cheers. 

Tony :rolleyes:

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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