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Poetry Magnum Opus

solstice 12/21/19


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Solstice 12/21/19


For a time

every Solstice

put in a poetic bell - jar


as if _____ it could ____ be pinned

later in a velvet lined box

wings spread


a color frozen

concrete cast

against ---  nightsky --- Absolute


But now

with the infinite behind

it All short

est and



never really mattered

only the coming and going

Is a dim Relative to the


Big ___ Big ___ Brilliance

our Sun’s spiral passage

reflects to us all.


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"the infinite behind it all"

So mystic, so rosicrucian, so christian. 

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Juris, I was moved by this from the very first time I read it, awhile ago now! What a novel concept to equate a solstice with a nature specimen--I find it quite, well, captivating! Your choices of words throughout this piece are precisionistically apt and emotionally evocative. You waste nothing. I love the dashes and capitals, which harness these hallmark Dickinsonian techniques in a really sensitive way; and the underscores, which seem like some contemporary version of the dashes. I'd be interested to know how you decided to use those--are they are trend in contemporary poetry? How do you see them as functioning differently than dashes? You're the expert in this arena! Anyway, both punctuation styles lead me to pause in ways that really feel appropriate. Also, I love the irony of the phrase, "with the infinite behind it." And the enjambment of "short/est" is such a nice touch--how cool to make this one stanza two lines longer than all the rest! My logic wanted to read "the coming and going is only a dim Relative," but I'm not sure that's really the meaning you intend. In contrast, "Only the coming and going is a dim Relative" leads me to wonder, "And what is not a dim Relative"? Sorry if I'm getting too analytical for your taste here. To resume with the raves, I love "Big_Big_Brilliance"--it brings home this whole poem's sense of awe. This is a really focused, delicate, memorable piece.

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