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Poetry Magnum Opus



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There was a gap

in the Lacanian sense

between intention

______________ and the result


Yesterday a poem wasn’t written by me

but that is probably a falsehood as all

Words tend to be after all why is my 

favorite moral compass a Christmas

Carol when I have left the embrace

of the Lame Shepherd for Tantra

and Nietzsche and  Buddha’s

Beyond Beyond and Dream -

Time Saints from African

Diaspora not for the

words but their 

result their

unmitigated do-


ing how Dickens makes me feel

the redemption is told in feel -

ings in experiences in embod -

iment not some revelatory

Claptrap empty cacophan

ies shouted by golems

whose  truths are

filled with mud

and weeds


(not in a good way)


this poem isn’t about that

rather about what constitutes

poetry what missing a day means

when we created a multitude of dishes

we baked we sauteed we stirred we fried

we made bone broth for the dairy-free

Leek Soup assembled from the imaginal

a butter-sourcream-self rising flour dough

for the Salmon marinated in a mayonnaise-

dill-lemon-garlic-caper sauce to make a 

half-remembered family recipe served

maybe twice maybe once when our 

Latvian Grand was still alive and

let’s not forget the Smoked Trout

dip served with red and green

corn chips or the improvised

Chocolate-Brownies made

from a traditional family

recipe falling short 

on the 1940s

excess of



Nor in truth

the Baby Artichokes

with the same mayonnaise base

sans capers and basil rather than dill

frankly those babies were a bit too bitter

spoiling the experience for a few who were

choke naive (never really giving credence to

The Virgin) so the less I say the better


When its all said and done (waking

at 4 AM sweating and in desperate

need for water) is the meal and its

preparation, not Poem enough


A sort of ‘real-time’ redemption

the kind normally reserved for Scrooge’s 

3 Buddhas Dīpankara Shakyamuni Maitreya

with their keen observations the one I’ll

repeat here “ Merry Christmas every-

One and may the (same said )One

bless us all.”

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"empty cacophanies shouted by golems"

If largesse can be applied to imagery, you win! 🙂

"not poem enough"

Not life enough, not Christmas enough.....you captured it.

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Your artist side is really coming out here with all those stanza shapes! They kind of look like icicle Christmas ornaments!

I really liked "Yesterday a poem wasn’t written by me."

I also really enjoyed the detailed descriptions of meal preparations.

And I love the last four lines. With their echoes of the simple and sweet last lines of "The Night Before Christmas" and Tiny Tim's blessing, they come as both a shock and a sweet relief!

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