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Poetry Magnum Opus

If It Falls


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If it Falls 1.10.2020


If someone were to Ask

maybe Think rather than Inquire

if they found while touring

and live capturing dust mites

above the Tardigrade pool

next to the Psoriatic Skin-

Flake Ecology exhibit

a micron scrap of paper

used as the amphitheater

shell supported by the hairs

of long-gone animal companions

carefully selected for the tensile

strength of their loyalty and devotion

to the Sapien Family (these columns

replace the previous Wolfspider

modernist structure whose implicit

everpresent dromology of danger 

was considered a byproduct of

the colonialism of the first

‘Great Shrinking.’) has the 

word ‘It’ upon it as if

it was a sacred

vaulted mural



The thumbnail totem pole 

complete with nano and micro

‘You Are Here’ cartographies 

explains on the plaque below

the icons of our ancestorial

Ordiarchy the smallest are 

the highest topped with 

Quarks and Higgs-

Bosons carved in 

yellow ivory at 

the very-very



below the map

a detailed explanation

written by the Community

of Critics and Creatives

whose sole purpose is

birth-interpret-arrive at 


collect contradictions- 

reinterpret the data-

rebirth and start the 

process again and 

again -- a bypro-

duct are didactic 

labels like

this one: 


“The word ‘It’ is ‘If’

having lost a fraction

of the perimeter ( during

The Great Spill of O aught

‘If’ is the first and last word

of this and everyother poem

being the smallest natural

construct of ‘I’ who despite

appearances of immanence

Is always undone by ‘If.’




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