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Poetry Magnum Opus

I Want Someone Else

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

I Want Someone Else


Slipping ever so deeply into a great depression.

Thoughts of you race thru my mind

as I look at the mirror ever so frigidly

as it casts my lost clueless shadow

into an unknown oblivion.


I toss and turn at night in my empty bed.

You left me so long ago.

How could you have been so cold.

I would learn anyway I really didn’t love you

but I did care for you once and maybe

I still do somewhere in my hurting soul, heart, and mind.


But you left me without a care

to be with another man.

How could you be so empty inside

and not honor your vows.


I have no regrets and I don’t love you anymore.

I have found someone else. I saw her in my dreams.

Yes I said my dreams Joyce. Her name is Elizabeth.

I am a great fortune teller. I have foreseen our union.

It is a match made in heaven by our God and Holy Spirit.


Wondering what went wrong

or where did we go wrong.

None of that seems to matter now

that I have learned from the spirit world

that we were not meant to be.


I still think we could have had

beautiful children together.

Once I did love you.

But that was just a fleeting passing moment.


Should I take Lithium because I am so depressed.

Come to bed and let me feel your warm body Elizabeth.

You see Elizabeth in time I will love you more than the stars

that do shine upon us reflecting their light.


How could I ever make it up to you Beth

for being with the wrong woman once.

You see certain things in life facilitated that at the time

I marry Joyce, unfortunately God did not bless us

but destroyed our once loving marriage.

It doesn’t seem to matter as far as karma is concerned.


I will have several lovers mistresses

along with a loving wife in a future life.

I will be sad from past life choices.

But happiness I have lost in a turmoil

and only having a son and daughter

will make me happy again oh my Elizabeth.


You see Joyce I want someone else.

Her name is Elizabeth and we were made to be together

and we have existed since the beginning of time.

Joyce I wish you well. You after all left me.

I didn’t leave you paralyzed and

in a cold empty bed that feels hotter than hell.


I will have a prosperous life in a future life.

Wind take me away in a whirlwind and let me drink

Till I am always drunk. My heart is broken.

God has broken me.


Atheists say why waste your time for there is no God

or afterlife. To bad they are the ones

that are spiritually blind

and gifted with overall health and prosperity.

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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In terms of your repeating theme structure that I have read, in my opinion this is the best I have read- It covers the bases, it shows the hurt, and the wanting, and the inspiration- It places this life and the next in context to the Point of View of the Author, it really is sensational--- Vic- I am impressed!


Well, well done, I even appreciated the crack at Atheists, it was very true to poem, and expressed your feelings in a profoundly simple way...


Much Grace,



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Larsen M. Callirhoe

hi DC,


thanks for the comments on my poem. they are much appreciated. i really did focus on this one. it took me a little while to write and think about what i am saying. i have head these thoughts in my head for a few months actually so it was an easy poem to write and took about an hour to write once i started writing it. then to organize it was rather easy.


the crack about atheists only applied to the fact that Elizabeth is my future and that i have been revealed this by spirit guides. that is why i worded this the way i did about atheists cause they don't believe. i have had 21 near death experiences and several of them i know for sure i was out of my body and talking to spirits. that is why i know there is an afterlife,. can i prove that there is a god no. can i disprove that there is no god the answer is no also. we will find out when we die. as smart as most atheists are and most study so i know they really apply themselves which i think everyone should do i wouldn't rule out the possibility of an afterlife. i can understand not believing in a god but that takes away from the structure of our existence like with such things as where do dreams really come from for example and why do they tend to have a esp affect without there being a god can't be explained.


it the crack about atheists in this instance was meant to be negative but did fit in with the theme or concept of the poem. that is because Elizabeth is my future and i do hint i was revealed this divinely though i don't come out and blurt it out in my poem.


as far as it being a good poem i really do appreciate that comment it means a lot.


and even though you said you were politically atheist doesn't mean you don't believe in god. maybe i mis understood that remark by you lol. alwell i meant no remorse about the atheist crack.


much thanks.


vic ala larsen

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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This one's like a victory proclamation, Victor. It declares in no uncertain terms that,

You see Joyce I want someone else.




Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Victor. This is autobiographical poem which expresses the pain and all feelings. You did good job. You made it close to the reader on some magical way.


Thank you for sharing, and yes keep writing. That makes us alive. I know how I feel when I can't write anything... icon_rolleyes.gif



The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth - Jean Cocteau

History of Macedonia



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