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Poetry Magnum Opus

Lock and Key


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Lock and Key


You don't understand

it should be simple

I've spent my life trying

to meet half way, yet the nature

of the game, is to bring me to your

side. I reflected and refracted

outside the labyrinth

at Grace Cathedral

in San Francisco


before the bronze

panel depicting the myth

of Jesus

in eight parts:


Presentation- Cathedrals evoke

prenatal memories, the womb

engulfing the little sperm, swimming

in the amniotic oration, depending

on which version of the War Lord

one is indoctrinated in, the tale

is told by the clitoris or penis

a story of domination, when

you emerge into the light


Baptism- Whose mark do you wear?

Here on Nob hill, all the Roads

descend from heights

wealth and power

into the Lost Host

who will inherit

everything, We

can survive

that fall


Flight- Only the First truly understand

displacement, the guns, bodies

and the land, make obvious

the fate of the apes

all wandering

leaving us



Refugees-So easy to insert heroes

and soldiers and kings into noble

emptiness,signal transmitted

of something better, home

is when you're born

not a fact of birth


Teaching- Negate it all

to the left is the Masonic Hall

dedicated to their fallen

missionaries, crushed

by blocks, Pharaoh




Learning- on the knee the rank

of your dad, the older I get

the more forgiving I am

of the ways we hurt

by trying to help

those ways

I treat you


Feeding- the lies, without basic instruction

in nutrition, some contribute to smooth

movements, other literally constipate

us all to death, that should not be

the purpose of the Serpent

giving us knowledge

only to find dust


Offering- The Labyrinth is Pre- Christian

and older in our personal evolution

predetermined winding, slithering

spirals of DNA, pre-conception

visions of better ways enfold

my walk on the path

constant reminders

this is our home.

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An interesting journey, Dr. Con. Just as a key turns the cylinder of a lock, and despite a speculative declaration --

You don't understand

be simple [emphasis mine]

-- the narrator seems to have come full circle and arrived at a profound realization (though late in life) early on in the poem:

I've spent my life trying

to meet half way, yet the nature

of the game, is to bring me to your


If I'm not completely off the mark, the rest of the poem expands and reinforces this theme. Well-written!



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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what an original and loaded piece this is! awesome.


i particularly loved the Presentation stanza - brilliant!

To receive love, you have to give it...

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Thanks Tony, Douglas- I appreciate the comments and feedback, people seem to groove on the Intro- If ever in SF, I'll gladly walk the Labyrinth with ya'all;-)



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Dr.Con this was enjoyable to read. It is wonderful written and as Tony said an interesting journey. I like how this poem is written, in one special order with wonderful introducing part at the beginning.


Much enjoyed.


Thank you for sharing this powerful piece.



The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth - Jean Cocteau

History of Macedonia



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