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Poetry Magnum Opus

Friends in Manhattan


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Friends in Manhattan - For Bob
2.17.20 con/jur/d

The last time
the very last time

saw the woman 
I shed my virginity

with is a scene from The ’80s
in front of St. Patrick's 

not the Basilica by Mulberry 
and Prince no near

Rockefeller Center
my friend Bob who later 

preferred to be called Robert
becoming a different person

said after the awkward bump-into
adrift in the triangulated plaza

since we had or I had at least
walked on seeking passion

over convenience and well
worn stories

wanting other patterns

better campfire tales
not knowing

we would both visit
Bead Island

with our differing schedules
she having graduated

while I still clung
to the edges

afforded by classes
and their communities of

academic narratives “Wait
is that three

friends you’ve run 
Into? I go weeks

and weeks without  
anyone known - you’ve

been here 
less than a day

and and and”

Years later after
my first divorce

his second
or maybe third

Robert and I  talked about 
repeating designs

how the random becomes
deliberate with its own truth

and certainty until oneline
falls out of place

changing everything

until it repeats

again and again.


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I always found it curious when someone who has been known to others as "Bob" insists that they start calling him "Robert." And maybe that's precisely what it is: "becoming a different person."

The theme of repetition is powerful, building up from when the speaker uses his "first divorce" from long ago as a reference to a starting point which intensifies ever-so-subtly in "the random becomes/deliberate" and culminates in the "again and again" of the now (and the now). By this point, there is recognition, acceptance of what amounts to a way of life: lather, rinse, repeat. I love the poem and its dedication.


Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Ty Tony! Had an invitation I had forgotten about to write a 'small world' story for a collection - I loved the idea but have had too many of these encounters to count and when I remembered, I wrote this - Not sure if they'll use it but there it is;-)


Will become increasingly flaky over the next few months (Or maybe more organized) Moving on to a boat near St. John USVI for 3 months- wee haw! 😉



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"...random becomes deliberate....."

I hope somebody steals that from you!  😉

Love that.

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TY Guys. Back in The Hot Zone gearing up for NAPO should we do that again? Ya'all wanting to be buried in my poesy;-)



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