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three recent love poems


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Blessed Love Poems has published three of my love poems, “Ode for Valentine Day”, “A Million Way to Say I Love You”


Here are my latest love poems plus some earlier poems that have been published, including   “Chains that Bind Us” and the “Story of How We Met” were published earlier.




I Still Want You 

Ode to Love on Valentine’s Day

A Million Ways to Say I Love You

Sam and Maria’s First Kiss

Love Hexastich  

Love Sestet 

Dream Love Duet

Dream Love Sonnet Love Egg Time 

walking towards Enlightenment in the Woods

the Angel’s Wedding 

Autumn Dreams 

the Love of My Life Haunted My Dreams 

Love Poetry contest 

She was everything I could ever dream 

Meeting You  Tricubal Love Poem 

Love Valentine 

My love came to me  

every morning  

45 years of love

 when she came to life  

You Are the Conductor of My Life 

She Came to me in  Dream 

My Love My Life

I Only Live in the Light

Love Valentine

My love came to me

every morning 

when she came to life 

Letters to my self

You Are the Conductor of My Life

 You Are the Conductor of Life

 She Came to me in  Dream 

 My Love My Life 

the flower of love


I will Love you until the end of time

Love Cherita -I Married the Girl of My Dreams

Morning Delight

Best Love Cinquain

Love at First Sight

True Dreams


Love at First Sight Love

First Love


 First Kiss

Kissing Angela in the Bar

Angela Cherita

I will love you

Angela  Haiku

63 Years Young with You

I am 63 years young

63 Years around the sun

Another Love Cinquain

Haiku Thinking of You

Every Day I Wake Up

Met My Fate

Impossible Dreams 2

Impossible dreams

Life is but a Dream

Married the Girl of My Dreams

Skinny Valentines


Shape of Sex


Angela (Acrostic poem )

Angela My Soul Mate

On Top of the World

there is nothing more to be said

A Message for You

Love Endures


Spring Doositsu

Love Triclinia

Angela Fills Me with Red Passion


Thanks Haiku

Where Do I and You Begin

Lost and Found

The Story of How We Met

Chains That Bind Us




A Million Ways to Say I Love You





a million ways to say I love you
by jake cosmos aller

They say
There are a million ways
To say I love you

In this day and age
I could only find
In my computer’s brain
The words to say I love you
In 53 languages of the 10,000 languages
Spoken on this planet

Someday I may be able
To say the simple words
I love you
In all know languages
This will have to suffice for a start

So I will say it
Loud, and clear
Just so you understand:

I love you (English)

Mein tumse pyar karta hoon (Hindi)
Tu Tane prem karoo chu (Gujarati)
Ame tomake bhalo bashe (Bengali)
Me tula premkarto (Marati)
Hum apse mohabbat karte hain (Urdu)
Mein thoda prem karanga (Punjabi)
Man Dooset Daram (Persian)
Ana Ahabik Yanooni (Arabic)
Havala (Hebrew)

Aloha (Hawaian)
Dangshinun sarang hayo (Korean)
Ajo (Japanese)
Kasih (Malay)
Phom tirak khun krap (Thai)
Akoay Paginghe ikou (Tagalog)
Toi yeu ong(Vietnamese)

Renmen (Creole)
Jesuis L’amour voies(French)
Liefdle (Flemish)
Estoy amor tu (Spanish)
Yosono amore tu (Italian)
Estou o amore tu (Portugese)

Dashuri (Albanian)
Maiteizam (Basque)
OBHYAM (Bulgarian)
Ljubav (Croatian)
Laska (Czech)
Jeger en kaerlighed du (Danish)
Ikben houden van jig (Dutch)
Gra (Gaelic)
Ich bin lieben tu (German)
Agape/eros (Greek)
Ami (Esperanto)
Armastama (Estonian)
Rakam (Finish)
Envagyok szeretet te (Hungarian)
Elska (Icelandic)
Ejekirin (Kurdish)
Milestiba (Latvian)
Meile (Lithuanian)
Eu dragoste tu (Romanian)
JHOBOEL Lubush (Russian)
Elske (Norweigan)
Easka (Slovak)
JBYBAB (Serbian)
Jagdan karlek du (Swedish)
KOYATH (Ukraine)
Benin sevi sen (Turkish)
Ahava (Yiddish)

Ngingu u thando ungu (Zulu)


I Still Want You





Read more: http://www.blessedwithlove.com/poem/i-want-you-right-now#ixzz6EMQoMfWI



I still want you
More than anything else in life

I want you
I want you next to me

I want you every moment
Of every minute
Of every day

I need you in my life
I need your wisdom
I need your kindness
I need your beauty

I need your special wit
And I need your ability
To deal with this cruel world

I need you to save me
From the demons
That haunt my Soul

For you are my soul mate
The only person

Whoever completed me
And made life worth living




ode to love on Valentine’s day



Ever since I met you, my dear
My life has not been the same

Before I found you
I was lost, sad and lonely
Going nowhere as fast as possible

I was stuck
Did not know what direction to pursue
At the intersection, watching life go by

I was lost, lonely and full of despair
Then one day I saw you

The girl of my dream
Standing there on the side of the road

I was filled with terror
Could not speak

What if you refused to see me
What if you denied my protestations of love

What if you walked away
Never to be seen again

I knew I had to do something
I had to do it then and there

And then you came up to me…
Your voice

The voice of an Angel
Sweat, full of light

Fun and entire sunshine

Ever since the day I met you
Whenever I feel down and depressed
I look at your picture

And sunshine fills my heart
And I am confident, happy and ready

To face all of life’s travails
As long as I have your love
And your support

I can overcome all obstacles
And face all dangers

Together we can do most anything

WithoutyouI will be lost
In the swamp of despair

So my dear
Please stay with me
Forever to the end of time

Let us journey forward
Never looking back
My love, my life

The sun in the sky
The moon that lights my dreams at night
The stars that beacon far away

Thanks to the Gods above
For bringing you into my life

And I promise I will love you
Forever and a day

Just to see your face
Is heaven itself

Just to hear your voice
Is all I ever need

My love, my soul mate
Hurry back to me

We have so much loving to do
So much living to do
So much to do together

Walking confidently
Boldly into the future

Without you
All is nothing
But dust

With you
Everything is possible

My love
Until I see you again
A thousand kisses

And a million thoughts of love
That will have to suffice
Until we are reunited

My love, my darling,
My life and dreams

Hurry back to rescue me
From the despair and darkness
All around me

Until then
I salute you

Oh Queen of my Heart
General of Love
Captain of my Soul



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An original approach to the most common and substantive topic of poetry.

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