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Poetry Magnum Opus

Hotel Heroin


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On my backs a burden & it's a heavy load.
Caused me to carelessly turn down this road.
Been driving for a while just snorting pills
Now running low on funds from cash it kills
My pockets are tired & could use a break
Cheaper solution appears so that turn I make
It's a hotel & I see a vacancy sign
With the bottom reading you only snort its fine
While pulling in I see an ambulance is leaving.  
With a mother of three, sitting outside grieving
When i walk up to the door, it's off the hinges
See the lobby floor & it's filled with syringes
My decision to come i'm already hate'n
At the front desk i'm welcomed by satan
Wish I could leave but I'm already here
listened to what he said & heard him clear
You only have to try us a night, you"ll see
Since it's your first time this ones free
Submitting to his ploy, he showed me a room
Upon walking in I got high as the moon
After I came back down I'd chosen my path
Sold my soul to the devil for heroins wrath
Now my life is ruined without a doubt
I've checked myself in, can't check back out

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