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Passing on this invitation received today from The Tangled Branch site


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(Of course, our members did this last year here, too, and might be up for it again this year.)

Below is the email received from Tracy Mitchell at The Tangled Branch. (He is a member here, too.)


Re: NaPo


Greetings Magnum Opusers

The Third Annual Tangled Branch NaPo Celebration starts Wedneday.  The NaPo Board is now open for you to set up and get comfortable.

This year every Poet gets their own thread!  Post your poems in your own thread.  Post comments and encouragement in everyone’s thread.  

I hope you will join us again to celebrate poetry in our lives, and to share the experience with the other writers. There will be some who succeed with 30 poems for the month, there will those who share 5 or 12 or 21 poems -- all levels of participation are welcomed and encouraged.

Instructions are posted on the Board.  Be sure to invite all of your writer friends.

I'll set up a special forum so Member Poetry forums don't get over-run.

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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